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AEG UPS Protect A 500VA/300W, Line-Interactive, AVR, Data line/network protection, USB/RS232

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Opis artikla

- Modern VI (line-interactive) technology against power failure and dangerous overvoltage
- Automatic voltage regulation against mains voltage deviations (AVR)
- Double mains filter against voltage peaks
- Easy installation ensured by cables supplied and optimum operation
- Use of sealed, maintenance-free lead-acid batteries with exhaustive discharge protection
- USB port and RS232-interface
- Data line protection for phone, fax, modem (RJ11)

Technical Specifications
- Type rating: 500VA/300W
- Nominal connection voltage: 220Vac / 230Vac / 240Vac
- Voltage range without battery operation: 160-290 Vac
- Frequency (automatic detection): 50/60 Hz +/- 5Hz
- Rated output voltage/AVR technology: 220Vac / 230Vac / 240Vac
- Rated output voltage in battery operation: +/- 10 %
- Frquency in battery operation: 50/60 Hz +/- 1Hz
- Nominal output current (at 230 Vac): 2.2 A
- Changeover time in the event of mains failure: 2-6 ms (typical)
- Voltage curve: approximated Sinewave
- Overload protection: Yes
- Type: Sealed, maintenance-free
- Autonomy time for 1 PC with 17" TFT: 15 min.
- Exhaustive discharge protection/protection against excess load: Yes
- Charging time (to 90% of rated capacity): 8 hrs
- Interfaces: USB and RS232 (with status messages and measured values)
- Shutdown software (on CD): included in delivery, for all major operating systems (e.g. Windows, Linux, Mac)
- Alarms (acoustic/optical): mains failure, overload, battery discharged, replace battery, fault
- Status display: 3 LEDs
- Inherent noise (1m distance): < 40 dB (A) (fanless)
- Operating temperature range: 0C - 40C
- Relative humidity: 0-90 % (without condensation)
- Load outputs: 3+1× IEC 320 C13
- Overvoltage protection for data lines: RJ11 (phone/fax/ modem)
- Housing colour: Blackline
- Dimensions approx. (W×H×D): 100×140×330 mm
- Weight approx.: 6 kg

- All models are characterised by their clear graphical display, acoustic alarm, automatic 50/60 Hz recognition and last but not least it can be used immediately as all cable sets are supplied
- All functions are microprocessor controlled, permanently monitored and are available as measurements and messages - as the PROTECT A. can communicate via a RS232 and USB connection with a PC or Mac
- In connection with the special shutdown software the most important operating systems can be automatically powered down in the case of a longer power failure giving the user the ability to optimize any critical system operation time

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